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6 Ways To Save Up For Your Next Big Trip

Saving up to travel can be so daunting. A common excuse I hear is, “traveling is so expensive.” When actually, it’s not. When you break down the expenses of your trip and tackle the costs piece-by-piece, the overall cost begins to look a lot more attainable. We, often, don’t realize how much we are really spending on a day-to-day basis. If you monitor the little things you are spending your money on, you will realize that the $5 here and there, turn into $100 by the end of the month. That $100 is almost 2 nights at a hotel or Airbnb in some cities or $100 towards your flight. After 3 years of making travel a lifestyle - I’m sharing 6 of my trip-saving tips with you.

Cut Back On Small “Luxuries”

Instead of eating out, cook at home. Pinterest is PRIME for finding quick, easy, and $5 ideas. Instead of going to the nail salon to get your nails done, save $60 and buy the products you need to do your own nails at home. Let your nails breathe and polish your natural nails. Have friends over for drinks instead of you all going out and spending $20 each on a bar tab. Splitting the cost of a few bottles at home can save everyone a few bucks. Analyze your spending habits and determine where you can cut costs and alternatives to your spending habits.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Know where you want to go, how much it will cost you, and set your eye on the prize. Thoroughly calculating the expenses of your trip, can really help make your goal seem more attainable. Covering the cost of one expense at a time will appear lighter on the wallet.

Consider A Second Source of Income

If it fits your lifestyle, getting a second job may be something to consider. If you have extra time on your hands, it can’t hurt to make a little extra money on the side. I suggest taking an easy job that doesn’t require too much stress and effort. When I have a second job, I use those paychecks as my travel funds and fun money. Meanwhile, my main source of income pays off my living expenses. Jobs where you earn tips are even better. Nothing’s better than getting cash up-front.

If You Don’t Need It, Leave It!

Just because it’s on sale for 50% off, doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Leave it! During the time that you are saving for your upcoming trip, rethink all of your buying decisions. Do you really need that coffee from Starbucks? Try small-owned shops instead for lower prices. Or make coffee in the morning before you head to work. Instead of a latte, go for regular coffee and cream. Carry a Torani mini flavor bottle in your bag to add your favorite flavor shot to your coffee instead of paying 50 cents for the barista to do it. Check out this $5 sampler pack from World Market.

Travel With Friends

A $400 hotel bill for one person looks a lot better when three people are splitting the bill. When getting around town, you can split the cost of a taxi or Uber. Although, you cant split the price of a flight, you can possibly get a group deal. Most companies offer discounts if you’re traveling in a group of 8 or more.

Whatever the trip, consider all of your spending habits. Watch how the little expenses add up. The $5 lattes 3 days a week can really add up. If you have any trip-saving tips or budgeting deals, share them in the comments below.

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